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Majic Branding Design Wave

With effective brand strategy, immersive brand design, and precise brand messaging, we help you do just that.

Entrepreneurs can change the world. 

Majic Branding Immersive Graphic Design



Are you ready to go from whiteboard to market?
Do you need a brand that will effectively
Does your current brand ecosystem feel like less than enough?
Are you ready to compete with the
big guys?
Are you ready to breakthrough?

Then, let's make some majic.

Majic Branding Graphic Design

The Majic Process

We create and develop powerful, needle-moving brands with a three step process:

Majic Branding Blueprint
Majic Branding Build
Majic Branding Breakthrough

Step One


Look behind every game changing brand, and you’ll find a game changing strategy.
BLUEPRINT products include:

Step Two


The core of all powerful brands is comprised of surgical messaging and polished aesthetics. BUILD products include:

Step Three


The plan is in place, the brand is built, and now it’s time to launch, establish, and scale. BREAKTHROUGH products include:

Strategy Roadmap

Ensuring success means making a plan. We’ll do a comprehensive deep dive on your brand, vision, customer journey, and competitive landscape, providing an expansive guide detailing our recommendations for achieving success in the market.

Messaging Kit

With successful brands, a highly curated set of central messaging is a top priority. Customers need to hear a very specific set of words before they decide to convert, and we will craft just that.

Social Media

A vital aspect of any marketing program, our team will level-up your content, and also power new growth and engagement across all social media platforms.

Fractional CMO

Let’s get your marketing program on track. One of our expert strategists will join regular calls, engage with your team, and share consistent insights and advice towards making the most from your resources, and getting ahead of your competition.

Brand Audits

Proper analysis is key. Let's analyze and review your social media, email, and brand assets, giving you an honest assessment of where to improve, where to invest, and how to drive ROI.

Design Kit

High quality, strategic, well designed brand aesthetics (logos, fonts, colors, icons) immerse customers in your universe, connecting to the emotional side of their brains where conversion is easier and faster.


Our copywriters and designers will craft beautiful and effective mockups that can either be passed to a web developer on your team, or to one of the talented web developers in the Majic Branding network.


Your packaging is an opportunity to speak directly to consumers, communicating why your product is the right one for them. With a well-designed package, you can communicate your story, your differentiators, and your brand vision. That's where we come in, bringing your packaging dreams to life.


Let’s make sure your email platform is setup properly and optimized for exceptional deliverability rates. Then, let’s design and distribute eye catching emails that will increase customer conversions and retention.

Fractional Expertise

The evergreen chapter of your brand’s relationship to customers is how you continue to engage with them over time and keep them coming back. This chapter of your business, while crucial to survival and ultimately success, is well within reach when you have a team of specialists ready to jump into projects. Our Fractional scopes give you the talent of our team without having to hire one yourself.

Brand Templates

Have a team? We’ll equip them with dynamic, polished templates to use out in the market across a variety of platforms.

Our clients shake up the status quo.

Majic Branding Coastal Sun Dayna

Dayna Zimmermann

Director of Sales & Marketing, Coastal Sun

"I have had the sincere pleasure of working with Kaitlyn (CEO) and Greg (COO) on a number of big ticket branding projects. From strategy to creativity, they make a powerful duo and bring so much more to the table with their consummate marketing team! If you want to tap into a truly passionate group that will work wonders for your brand and business, paying attention to the smallest details to the grand overview, Majic is the way to go."

Other trailblazers on our roster:

Majic Branding Kinetik Infusions
Majic Branding Coastal Sun Farm
Majic Branding Adapt Health
Majic Plant Terpli
Majic Plant Scottsdale Research Institute Foundation
Majic Plant Hive Mendocino
Majic Branding Mendocino Cannabis.Shop
Majic Branding Saint Pasta
Majic Branding Vibe Design Co
Majic Branding Lucent Cannabis

Majic Branding is a marketing team driving results

for our clients by building and refining brands with the power to breakthrough, establish, and scale.

Majic Branding Wild Three Co
Majic Branding Radiant J Productions
Majic Branding Tree Hugger Containers
Majic Branding Azza Collective
Majic Branding Hope Through Healing
Majic Branding Sweet Sisters Family Farm
Majic Branding Pivium
Majic Branding Dear Cannabis
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