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A New Light in New Mexico

This Case Study includes:

Strategy I Messaging I Design I Packaging

Brand Guidelines I Website Development

Email I Social Media

The Problem

A group of friends and entrepreneurs had a vision: to create the best cannabis brand and dispensary that New Mexico had seen yet. The problem? They had a building, some licensing in progress, and that’s about it.


Majic Branding was tasked with creating a brand out of thin air. The scope? Building an immersive brand ecosystem inclusive of a new name, strategy roadmap, logo, icons, fonts, color palette, central messaging, brand guidelines, packaging system, website, email, and social media.

The Process

Majic Branding got to work, kicking the project off with a comprehensive strategy roadmap, deep diving into all things brand strategy (SWOT, differentiators, competitor analysis, customer journeys, etc.).


Next, a naming exercise, which landed on “Lucent”, a rarely used term that means “glowing with or giving off light” that nods to their focus on quality and transparency. From there, all the central assets integral to any competitive brand were developed from scratch. Logo concepts were sketched, taglines were pitched, and a fresh, competitive New Mexico cannabis brand was born.

The Outcome

The empty building that once was is transformed into a fully operational cannabis dispensary. The vibey branding attracted a vibey team of employees, the overarching strategy positioned Lucent as an industry contender with staying power, and the face of New Mexico cannabis was forever changed. Lucent represents a dispensary and product line that avoids cliche cannabis marketing techniques, and instead, presents powerful messaging and aesthetics that would compete in any market.

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