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A Breakthrough Vibe

This Case Study includes:

Strategy I Messaging I Design

The Problem

Jenny Gordon, an entrepreneur with a burgeoning interior design business (Vibe Design Co.), decided it was time to take things to the next level. Her confidence was at an all time high, and her work was gaining the respect and attention of prospective clients.


The problem? Her existing branding was not representative of her business. The quality of her brand assets did not meet the quality of her work, and the depth of her brand ecosystem did not meet the depth of her potential. The scope? Jenny approached Majic Branding to develop her brand strategy and redefine her brand, keeping the name, but fully reimagining her logo, and developing a color palette, iconography, and central messaging.

The Process

After presenting a strategy roadmap, “messaging” and “design” interviews were conducted with Jenny. Following a specific vision from the client, Majic Branding drafted Mood Boards to visualize potential font, color, icon style, and “vibe” combinations.

Mood Boards turned into logo concept sketches, which turned into iconography drafts, which turned into a fully developed visual brand ecosystem. All the while, central messaging was developed in lock-step, intentionally created to fully synergize with the new visuals. With every step, Jenny’s feedback led to more granular evolutions, moving closer to the vision.

The Outcome

A ZIP was delivered that encased the all-new Vibe Design Co.: logo lock-ups, icons, colors, fonts, a messaging kit, and a brand “one-sheeter” with basic best practices for managing the new brand in the market.


Vibe Design Co. was now operating on all cylinders, and Jenny’s skillset was now properly represented in the market. The new brand was presented as strong, stylish, organized, polished, capable, and legitimate. With a beautiful new brand in hand, Jenny Gordon was well on her way to the most successful phase of her brand’s life cycle yet. Vibe Design Co. was now setup to breakthrough.

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