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The Two Sides of Social Media

This Case Study includes:

Strategy I Messaging I Design I Social Media

The Problem

So many brands in the market focus on the “content” aspects of their social media program. Beautiful content is eye-grabbing, and can go a long way in positioning brands right up against big competitors in the market.


The problem? Without a focus on the other side of social media, the “back-end”, there may be no eyes to grab! Without proper growth strategies, engagement, and community building, solely focusing on content is akin to placing a billboard in a ghost town.

The Process

For emerging brands in the market like Lucent, Coastal Sun, and Treehugger Containers, Majic Branding set out to check both boxes for effective social media marketing: content and back-end management.


With a brand strategy and target market in place, beautiful design and messaging was curated to appeal to a specific audience. An equal amount of time was spent organically boosting followers without the use of third party apps, and building a community of users that lived in target regions, and demonstrated lifestyles with target interests.

The Outcome

Lucent, a previously non-existing brand, gained an average of 500 new qualified followers per month, and quickly became a buzz word in the Albuquerque cannabis scene. Over the span of a few years, both Coastal Sun and Treehugger Containers successfully hit 10,000+ followers, positioning them alongside bigger brands within their competitive niche.


With proper engagement, followers of these accounts felt spoken to, and included in a community bigger than themselves. The beautiful content now had opportunities to get widely circulated, and a fan base was successfully curated.

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