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Catching the Next Big Break

This Case Study includes:

Strategy I Messaging I Design I Web Development

The Problem

Fimmaker and entrepreneur Amirose Eisenbach built her social impact production company, Radiant J. Productions, around an award winning documentary called “Equal Playing Field”. A five year project, Equal Playing Field put the production company on the map, and gave Amirose the momentum and experience to take on Radiant J.’s next big thing. The problem?


While her confidence and expertise grew, her branding did not. As a feature showcase at the 2023 Women’s World Cup materialized, the need for a brand update became imminent for effectively capturing growth opportunities.

The Process

After deep diving into strategy meetings, two immediate needs were identified. One: refreshing Radiant J.’s logo, developing font and color packages, and rebuilding the website from scratch. Two: designing a “pitch deck” for the next big project idea, a social impact documentary with the working title of “Inside Circle”.


The updated brand and website would properly capture an upcoming burst of exposure from the Women’s World Cup showcase, and the pitch deck would help to gain support and fundraising for the new project from big ticket Executive Producers within the industry. 

The Outcome

From homegrown to professional and immersive, Radiant J. Productions’ new site positioned the brand as poised for the next big thing. Simultaneously, the professionally designed pitch deck presented the new ambitious film project, Radiant J.’s second full-length documentary, as a serious contender within the industry.


With these new marketing assets and materials, Amirose and Radiant J. Productions is now well on the way of solidifying fundraising, making the next film, and successfully catching the next big break.

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