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Messaging By & For Humans

The power of good copy in an AI landscape.

Words matter. No matter how good your business strategy or design is, your brand ecosystem is incomplete without good messaging. Copywriting is the frontline of your brand: communicating your mission, vision, and values to a current or prospective customer. Messaging is the *stuff* that pulls on the heartstrings of human beings and makes a lasting impression in the minds of your readers.

That’s why you need powerful messaging to make an impact that sticks.

At Majic Branding, we know storytelling is one of the most impactful tools we have as communicators. We imbue all of our messaging content with intentional “customer-as-hero” language that centers the reader and invites people into the conversation. We develop copy that’s designed to be thought-provoking, relevant to today’s zeitgeist, and scalable for a brand’s long term future.

That’s also why you need human-centered messaging to stand out. Because AI just doesn’t cut it.

Recently, there’s a lot of buzz around the application of AI for business copywriting and the possible replacement of human writers by programs like ChatGPT. But while AI bots may seem like a fast and free solution for website messaging and Instagram captions, the reality is that artificial intelligence still doesn’t meet the mark you need to tell the impactful story of your organization. (And to break the digital fourth wall for a moment: this copywriter is not worried about being rendered obsolete by a robot. Good stories still need human writers!)

Good messaging relies on a specific, curated voice that engages customers reading your brand materials or online posts. The copy conveys a human relationship to the reader, representing your correspondence directly to them, and it builds that tone and personality over time. While it can be a powerful tool for inspiration or supplementation, AI still falls short on creating a cohesive written ecosystem for your brand–especially when that voice needs to be carried on through generations of social managers or business reps.

Let’s take a moment to get specific about the functionality of AI. When you ask an AI program to create copy for your brand, it crawls the internet for content–from your existing ecosystem or from others in your industry. Want to see for yourself? Ask a bot for a blurb on a specific topic or person and you’ll see striking similarities in the copy to top-ranking websites on Google and topical Wikipedia articles. If you want to differentiate your brand from others in the field, the fact of the matter is that it needs a human touch that you just can’t get from a machine.

When you work with us, your messaging kit, social captions, product labels, and other copy-related products are meticulously considered with the expertise of a writer and business strategists. Majic Branding takes your vision and articulates it in a way that is unique, engaging, and buildable over time. It’s human-powered messaging, designed to inspire the human mind.

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