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Design to Attract and Inspire

Stand out with Majic Branding.

You probably already know that, in today’s highly visual landscape, graphic design is essential for any brand. But good graphic design is what makes it memorable.

What makes “good” design?

For us, it’s visual content that attracts and inspires people. It invites, converts, and retains customers–regardless of platform. Good design is aligned with emerging trends, color/design theory, and cohesive to the overall brand ecosystem. And in our professional opinion, good design is a signpost for the health of a brand and its ability to draw in people in an increasingly crowded online space.

At Majic Branding, we’re fortunate to have an incredibly talented graphic artist on our team, Cristina, who designs to enchant new customers and retain existing ones for your brand. We believe that compelling branding requires compelling design. Whether paid ads, a mobile website, or product labels, engaging visual aesthetics drive conversation and grow your audience.

Good design also highlights the strengths of your brand.

More than surface level cosmetics, engaging visual design invites your customers to really take in your messaging and remember your vibe. Further, investing in your design welcomes discussion around impressions of your brand and accessibility of its materials. Could your website be easier to read? Does the meaning of your logo not translate to customers? Our graphic designer can help.

When you work with Majic, we help create an immersive design ecosystem for your brand. And the results often speak for themselves. We’ve seen firsthand the results of a design refresh: more eyes on posts, more followers from the feed, and more engagement with an organization’s specific differentiators.

Majic Branding will meet you wherever you’re at in the design process. Maybe you have an existing logo you like, but it’s a little low quality and you don’t know where the original vector is. No problem; we’ll get you a refreshed version of the same idea. Maybe you have a social manager who’s great with captions, but struggles with crafting visuals. Again, we got you; our designer will create a set of Canva templates that are cohesively branded and simple to use so you don’t have to start from scratch with every post.

So, you may want to ask yourself, is your brand’s visual environment designed to attract and inspire? Does it immerse your customers in your story or identity as an organization? Do people recognize your brand based on its imagery? Does it keep people coming back?

If you’re feeling shaky about any of those questions, fear not. We’d love to help you create a visual ecosystem that you feel proud of, and more importantly, one that drives business for your brand.

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